English Silver
Pitch comes in different colors, textures, and compositions but it still is pitch. It can
never be substituted with plaster of paris, drywall mud, or floor leveling compound in
Plaster of Paris will destroy
the longevity, compromise
the value, and over time
deteriorate the metal. It is not
considered a restoration.
Any questions can be
directed to the Shop, the
number is on the home page.
200 year old King George Candlestick, weighted with
plaster of paris. The price of repair and restoration
because of the plaster will be two to three times more.
Plaster of
Paris has
rotted this
piece from the
bottom up and
the inside out!
Restoration done with pitch, originally loaded with pitch, and will be
repaired with pitch
Old pitch poured into the last half inch of the bottom, so no trace
of the repair is visible
Candlesticks for the above bases
More plaster and plating solutions trapped in the
bottom of the candlestick, rotting it out. Never plate
anything with plaster in it!
200 year old candlesticks properly
These pieces have been plated originally to cover repairs, normally English Silver isn't plated.