Silver plating, old school quadruple plate.
Never used; brightener, nickel, or copper.
Anyone selling or representing otherwise
would be misrepresenting or not knowing
what they are talking about.
It takes as much as five times longer
to produce a silverplate the old way and is
labor intensive. This is the reason most
companies only brightener plate.
We still produce most of our own
plating salts and analyze our own solutions,
so we can produce the old finishes.
We silver, brass, bronze, copper, and
gold plate also, in approximately 30
different finishes

Silver Plating
Silver lined; the tin was heated and removed, inside was buffed
Brittania basket; soft finishes or frosted finish,
saved because we did not short cut the process, no
nickel, no brightener, and no one buffing it off.
Before restoration
All detail restored, bright and soft finishes.
Soft and bright finishes restored.
Bright cute, all preserved and restored.
Removing glass, cut old solder
joints, dissassemble base
Glass insert removed for cleaning
Old replating removed, stripped to base metal
In the plating tank, no nickel, no copper, no brightener, restoration
plated the way it was done originally
The silver is white when plating without
Glass installed, joints resoldered and replated
Parts made and polished to match original
based on picture
Silver plating cold process, no hot cleaners, no hot solutions,
pumice, no acids, no brightener, no copper, no nickel
Plated the same way as the cup
End result, plating it the right way