About Us


Our ability to offer you “full service” is important, because you can be assured that only our experienced craftsmen will handle your piece here in our secure shop. 

Most other shops do not offer our services, so your valuable piece may be sent out to an unknown location. Trusting your fine piece to a large commercial shop can also be risky, considering that they often specialize in re-chroming damaged car bumpers. If you have taken your piece to someone you shouldn’t have we can still repair and restore it.

International Silver Plating’s reputation is old and true.

We are a small family business so you’ll find our collective pride and experience in every piece that we bring back to life. We’re an “old-school” shop and that means that we can restore to the old Federal Standards–and we do it the way silversmiths did it back then. We often can provide expert information about the piece, too.

For any metal restoration or repair we are accustomed to working with clients from all over North America and the world. For over 80 years we have collected thousands of rare parts and antique pieces, over 1,800 are displayed for inspection and sale in our Glencoe, Illinois shop.



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