After restoration: no copper, no nickel, no brigtener, no crap, restored
Before restoration: needs parts made, parts are missing
Original drawing from Meridan, print from Meridan Historical Society

English Silver

Plaster of Paris will destroy the longevity, compromise the value, and over time deteriorate the metal. It is not considered a restoration. Any questions can be
directed to the shop.

Plaster of Paris has rotted this piece from the bottom up and the inside out!

Silver Plating

Silver plating, old school quadruple plate. Never used: brightener, nickel, or copper. Anyone selling or representing otherwise would be misrepresenting or not knowing what they are talking about.

It takes as much as five times longer to produce a silver plate the old way and is labor intensive. This is the reason most companies only brightener plate. We still produce most of our own plating salts and analyze our own solutions, so we can produce the old finishes. We silver, brass, bronze, copper, and gold plate also, in approximately 30 different finishes